Intensive ABA Intervention Services


  • Intensive, insurance-based ABA therapy.
  • Behavioral, Educational, Academic, and Social Language Programming for children with autism or other developmental disorders.
  • Individualized home and/or center-based therapy programs from 10-40 hours per week.


  • One of our expert Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will provide assessment, program development, parent training, and consultation.
  • Home tutors are skilled Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs).
  • Our BCBA team is under the direction of Dr. Michelle DePolo, a pediatric clinical psychologist (PsyD) with special board certification in Behavior Analysis-doctoral level, and Dr. Jocelyn Geib, a speech language pathologist and PhD in Special Education.
  • Our team has PhD level clinicians, as well as dually certified Intervention Specialists/ BCBAs and Speech Language Pathologist/BCBAs.


  • KidsLink Connect services are expected to start in or before Spring 2019.
  • Insurance paneling is underway right now for Medical Mutual, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Cigna, Summa and more! Services will be rolled out for each insurance provider as soon as possible.